With the increase in CBD use and the awareness of all the benefits it offers, it has now become popular among athletes, fitness gurus, and everyday people who just enjoy exercising. CBD has often been used after exercising because it helps relieve sore muscles and speed up recovery time after an injury. However, more people are now learning about the benefits of using CBD before they start their workout. Although there is no specific research, it is believed that CBD may be beneficial if it is used before you ever even experience pain from exercising. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. If used before exercising, it may act as a preventative and help you avoid inflammation. Runners are especially susceptible to joint pain over time, which can lead to arthritis or osteoarthritis. Some researchers believe that using CBD before exercising can prevent your joints from wearing down and causing more serious issues later on in life.

While CBD can cause drowsiness in some people, it actually has the potential of increasing awareness and wakefulness if taken in smaller doses. This increases your focus and your energy, which results in a better workout and a more active lifestyle overall. With a more active lifestyle, your body and mind both feel better more often and you may become a happier person in general. Some studies show that CBD relieves tension in the body, allows blood to flow more freely, and helps reduce blood pressure. This means you can work out for a longer amount of time without pain, fatigue, or physical stress to the body. CBD also stays in the body for hours at a time, so these effects last even after your workout. The method you choose to use CBD could play a part in the effects it has on your workout. It may take some experimenting to figure out which method works best for you because everyone is different. Several factors, such as age, metabolism, and tolerance levels, all affect how CBD affects your body and how fast it can take to work.

Capsules and edibles typically take up to two hours to take effect, so if using these, you should decide if you want the effects to set in right before you exercise or after you are finished. Some people prefer to take CBD right before working out because not only will the effects kick in when they are finished, but they also feel that they are able to prevent drowsiness this way. However, taking it an hour or two allows your body to absorb the CBD before you even get started. CBD topicals are a popular choice for pain relief because you can apply it directly to the problem area. Topical products can help relieve both acute muscle soreness and delayed onset muscle soreness, meaning you can use it any time without planning ahead. Topicals are a great option for preventing these problems from occurring, especially if the products contain other pain-fighters, such as menthol. They will continue to provide relief even after your workout as well.

CBD oil tinctures provide a faster absorption rate of CBD when used sublingually, meaning the oil is dropped under the tongue. With this method, the CBD bypasses the digestive tract and enters your bloodstream by absorbing through mucous membranes. This causes the CBD to take effect more quickly. To feel the effects during your workout, you can use oil tinctures anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour before exercising. However, if you choose to mix CBD oil in a drink, it should be treated in the same way as an edible and be taken sooner in order to feel the effects when you want. Using a CBD vape pen is another fast option. In fact, many people claim to feel the effects within the first five minutes. A CBD pen can be used immediately before you begin your workout because that is about how quickly it begins to work. Like CBD oil tinctures, using a CBD pen allows the CBD to bypass the digestive tract and enter your bloodstream directly.

You may also have to experiment to find the proper dosage. In some cases, especially those using CBD isolate products, using too much or too little CBD can prevent the CBD from working. Higher dosages can also cause more drowsiness. It is always recommended to start with a small dosage and gradually increase to decide what works for you. Once you find the right dosage, continue using that amount every time you use CBD for the best results. When thinking about a pre-workout routine, many people not only think about what they do directly before a workout, but they also consider their sleep schedule. Experts agree that a good night’s sleep is critical if you want to have the best workout possible. CBD has been proven to improve sleep habits even in people with insomnia, meaning people who workout regularly would benefit from CBD use.

It makes you feel more relaxed and restful naturally. There are also CBD products that contain melatonin, which can allow for an even higher quality of sleep if you really struggle with getting restful sleep. Anyone considering using CBD should always talk to their doctor first, especially if you have health problems or if you are taking other medications. A doctor can help you come up with a plan and schedule for using CBD, along with any other medications, while working out. They will also be able to tell you any side effects to watch for and any possible interactions.

Many people who exercise prefer using CBD before working out because it helps keep their bodies functioning efficiently and allows them to be at their best physically. Whether you choose to use edibles, oil drops, or a CBD vape pen, taking CBD pre-workout can help you reach your full potential and feel great on the journey. Exercising without having to worry about soreness is what everyone wants, and CBD can make that happen.