The times change and along with the shifting world, scientific researches are new things everyday that could benefit mankind with their rightful use. Cannabidiol is one such discovery. More widely known by CBD, it is one of the 104 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Due to its quality of not being proactive, many of us might not be aware that CBD treats chronic pain and many other illnesses.

Introduction to CBD

CBD can be used to treat multiple conditions, its efficiency backed up by scientific research:

• Helps relieve chronic pain

• Helpful to reduce acne

• Could reduce depression and anxiety related issues

• Used as CBD workout supplements

• Might contain neuroprotective elements

• Used in substance abuse treatment

These are just a few uses of CBD and with the ever-growing industry of CBD, it will continue to gain rapid prominence in the near future as well. With its use in sectors like health, fitness with CBD workout supplements, beauty, pet care, edibles and much more, the CBD market is estimated to increase by a whopping 3 billion dollars by the year 2021. It is a market that shouldn’t be missed out on, and there are many CBD expo events that help educate the general public about its rightful use, benefits your business in the CBD market, spreads awareness about the growing business of CBD and how you can use it for your benefit.

Why should you attend a CBD expo?

CBD expo events are for everyone, whosoever has an interest in expanding their knowledge of CBD and the business webbed around it would only gain benefits from such CBD expo. Specifically, a CBD expo is ideal for:

• General public: Under the presence of eminent speakers and CBD experts, the general public can gain all the knowledge they require about the correct dosage of CBD and educate themselves through the seminars about the benefits of CBD, for example, using CBD supplements for better results, adopting CBD to reduce chronic pain, etc. CBD expos are equipped with displays and representatives of major CBD players in the market, helping the general public get an insight into the market in depth.

• Increasing Investment Opportunities: For businesses looking to gain their major breakthrough in the CBD market, a CBD expo is an ideal setting for them to interact with vendors and attendees interested in the world of CBD. Since the CBD expos provide thousands of CBD vendors a common roof to interact, it could help increase your business connections for investment purposes.

• Business to Business: A CBD expo caters businesses with a platform to shine and showcase their products and exposing them to a wide variety of interested audience. CBD expos have a vibrant line-up of presentations and panel discussions with experts who can help businesses increase their sales, distribution, production and improve their game in the CBD market.

• Voicing your opinion: In a CBD expo, people who have tried out CBD come as speakers and tell everyone how it benefited them. Thus, if you wish to encounter such speakers yourself or desire to voice your own story in the world of CBD, a CBD expo is an ideal setting for you.

Must Visit Upcoming CBD Expos

2019 is graced with many CBD expos showcasing eminent speakers, spreading the word about the benefits of CBD and helping businesses prosperous for the better. If you are someone who wishes to gain benefits from such expos, you can’t afford to miss out on these significant CBD expos scheduled to be held soon:

American CBD Expo, San Diego: Set to be held on the 27th and 28th of April 2019, this CBD expo will take place in the San Diego Town and Country Hotel. Seminars and events for both the general public and businesses have been arranged during different time slots. The attendees will be graced by the presence and knowledge of speakers coming from versatile fields of CBD; Dr Joseph J. Morgan from the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, Chief Executive Officer of Source, Ian Pedersen and many other well-versed speakers.

Cannabiz Latino Impact Investment Summit, Columbia: Scheduled for 2nd of May 2019 in the capital city of Bogota, Columbia, this summit aims to provide its attendees with a platform to help them promote and explore the investment opportunities in the ever-expanding market of CBD. Their event will have the presence of some of the most high profile institutional investors and experienced global experts to assist the audience to make the best out of the business revolving legal CBD.

CannTech by DCM, San Francisco: Set to be held on the 7th of May, 2019 in The Pearl, San Francisco, CannTech is one summit that shouldn’t be missed out on as it is Silicon Valley’s first major Cannabis Technology Summit. This event will be attended by significant cannabis and non-cannabis technology founders and executives and will be extremely helpful for businesses and individuals seeking a golden opportunity to interact with major investors and strategic partners. Some of the keynote speakers are Bharat Vasan, CEO of PAX, the SF District Attorney Candidate of the CA Department of Justice, Suzy Loftus, etc.

World CBD Expo, Los Angeles: This CBD expo is all set to address the audience from 16th to 18th August 2019 in Los Angeles. With its focus on how CBD could be used to enhance life.The event will be equipped with various panels, discussions, expert assistance and speakers, discussing the various areas of CBD. The three-day long conference will focus on business to business and business to customer relations in the CBD market.


CBD expos are arranged around the world to provide a common ground for the business players of the CBD market to enrich their business tactics and get the opportunities to meet significant influencers in the field. For the general public, these expos become a source of educational seminars to widen their knowledge about the use of CBD. In a broader sense, CBD expos become a channel to eradicate prejudices associated with cannabidiol and to make the world exposed to its beneficial qualities as a medicinal tool and daily lifestyle and care products.