Exercise rugs which are also known as quarter sheets can be a great source of maintenance and fitness for your horse. These rugs for sale are available for your horse for relaxation in extreme weather conditions. They are extremely useful to prevent the occurrence of chills in winters. These exercise rugs are made of either waterproofed material or synthetic fleece wool that helps in protecting and maintaining the fitness of horse during wet and cold weather workout.

Why consider exercise rug for your horse?

In order to ensure the fitness of your horse, the exercise rugs for sale are available according to the requirement. These rugs should be essentially used for your horse in the cold weather for maintaining the coziness. Along with that, these exercise rugs help in warming up and cooling down the muscles throughout the rides. You definitely need these rugs if your horse is thin-skinned, clipped, and suffers from the coldness. In comparison to these exercise rugs for sale, the normal rugs should not be considered as they will wear, slip, and cause muscular problems to the horse.

Material for exercise rug

Before getting these exercise rugs, make sure that you consider the material. The two types of materials that are preferred for the exercise rugs considering their benefits for the horse’s health include:

• Nylon: Nylon that acts as a waterproof material helps in shielding the hose, especially the hindquarters in extremely cold weather. This material is particularly suggested for the shows, trail rides, and parade to support the horse’s posture throughout the ride. Other than that, during the shows, horses often face elements and trials in which this material, especially Amigo Competition sheet is extremely supportive.

• Traditional wool: Traditional wool of synthetic fleece fabric is another material that is highly recommended for the exercise rugs of the horses. This material assists in cold weather. Other than that, this material is also extremely beneficial for horses suffering from a physical condition related to temperature or clipping. This material is usually used for the warm-up session to prevent the muscular pull.

Variety of styles in exercise rugs

There is a diverse range of styles in exercise rugs for sale according to the physical and environmental requirement. The diverse range of style includes:

• Saddle pad design: The design that is specifically used for the saddle pad helps in maintaining fitness in the cold weather.

• Cutout designs: Cutout designs are especially helpful for the rider in order to conveniently sit while riding. This design is extremely supportive of the horse’s hindquarters and thigh.

• Warm up designs: In case of warm-up, the hook and loop closure design used for the front side helps the rider. This type of rugs can be removed after the warm up session.