It is really a good thing that you have decided to visit the gym. Unless you are into a fitness routine, it is hard for you to decide what to do and how to do it. A lot of new resolutions that speak of going to the gym have gone futile because it simply won’t work our way. The ones who are regular to the gym have to either be the gym junkies or the weekend warriors. So who should you be is the question here. There is also one more question, why will not fall into the ideal category? That is way too difficult for a normal person unless the person is into a field that demands a well-built body.

But before we get to decide the type of gym person we want to be, it is important to understand the concepts first.

Who is gym junkie?

In simple terms, a gym junkie is a person who literally lives in a gym, because he has nowhere else to go. He is a fitness-freak and likes to work out all day long. There is nothing wrong with being a gym junkie. Just like many other things that we have, there are both advantages and disadvantages in being a gym junkie. However, we are not going to get to it before knowing about the weekend warriors.

Who is a weekend warrior?

If you like going to the gym and working out, but you still don’t have time to do it on a regular basis, you are probably a weekend warrior, provided you are meticulously hitting the gym every weekend. Most people love to keep themselves fit but are employed and are caught between heavy schedules during the weekdays. These people hit the gym during the weekend and compensate for what they have lost during the week. Apart from the weekends they also workout when they have time. These people are called weekend warriors. God knows how they work out after a long week.

Warrior vs. Junkie – Choosing one over the other:

Most people think that it is cool to be a junkie. The advantages of being a gym junkie are obvious. You have a well-built body, you look like a tough person, and you have an effect on people, they love you for the way you look and what not. But it can have hazardous impacts as well. Too much of workout can make skin sag at the earliest. You look old and there high chances that you might develop a shaky immune system. You are also risking the health of your heart.

But being a weekend warrior isn’t anything like that. You work out when time permits and skip if required. They are not obsessed with the act of working out. Among the three obvious types of people, the ones who hate working out, gym junkies and weekend warrior, the warriors are the ones who are safe from a lot of diseases. The study stated that you rather be inactive that working out all day and all year long. This means that being a weekend warrior isn’t only a moral victory but also has serious health benefits.