There are times you feel frustrated having tried several ways to improve your fitness without much improvement. Just before you give up, the CBD oil could be your answer on how to improve fitness. Most likely you have not thought of it. It is known as cannabidiol, rather a new name to demystify the debate around marijuana.

The common plant for health and fitness is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), you could have heard about it already. CBD oil is not common though it is helpful in improving health and fitness. There are low risks attributed to it and the benefits are increasing. Whereas THC as a compound is used so that one gets high due to its psychoactive effect, CBD oil is different. CBD oil will not get you high. THC and CBD oil come from marijuana. CBD oil is sourced from hemp type of plant that is characterized with high CBD and low THC content. That makes it to a substance with no psychoactive effect. CBD oil is legal. Many people have opted to using it especially for health gym.

The oil works with the system (endocannabinoid) responsible for other body reactions together with other processes. It ensures that the body is functioning well. The system is activated by the CBD when it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors which are found in the brain. As a result of the interaction, every reaction in the body is impacted. The body reactions are and not limited to hormonal; appetite, rest, inflammation among others. They are very essential in managing and improving your health and fitness.

Worried about addiction?

CBD oil intake is not associated with any form of addiction. Your brain will not depend on any receptions which bring about addiction.

How the oil helps improve your fitness?

Weight loss

Marijuana causes you to have cravings for those munchies which enhance to weight gain. CBD oil is ideal for your health gym. It lowers insulin in your body which means weight loss and decreased risks of obesity. The level of your blood sugar is regulated as well. Unlike THC which causes some serious food cravings, CBD regulates your blood sugar levels. As a result, a reduction is experienced in production of hormones that are responsible for storing fat. That means, less fat is stored because more of it is converted to energy by burning off.

Increased cortisol levels cause weight gain. Fitness conscious people will always dislike this fact. Intake of CBD supplements regulates the cortisol level thereby reducing weight. Regulating the cortisol levels means that the body has the ability to increase and decrease the levels at the right time.

In a gym class you will always hear of the term cortisol. Cortisol increases stress levels. The purpose of using CBD oil is to reduce cortisol levels. Each time you join a gym, your goal is to keep your health and fitness on check. Stress levels are the main contributors to weight gain or loss. In search of a natural way to control stress levels? CBD oil is your choice.

The use of CBD oil will ensure both regulations of cortisol and blood sugar levels is kept on check with minimum or even no side effects. When you are thinking of joining a gym, remember CBD oil comes in handy for health and fitness.

Reduced inflammation pain

When you are thinking of gym membership, it’s natural to think of the possible inflammations that come with the exercises. CBD oil helps in decreasing of inflammations. Inflammations are associated with other diseases and the oil will not discriminate those that are not fitness related. Unlike most commonly used anti-oxidants and enzymes, the oil works much better. It is advisable to use the right dosage for maximum results in fighting inflammations. Fitness exercises cause a lot of stress on your joints and CBD oil helps to reduce that effect. You will find yourself performing much better in your next gym class.

Instead of working hard in masking the pain experienced after the workout with over-the-counter pills, use CBD oil for more and better results on inflammations. You will not have to push yourself for the next gym class. There will be no post-workout aches.

Inflammation pain has discouraged many from gym memberships. CBD could help in rebuilding the confidence. You will not need to take extra pain relievers; the analgesic property in CBD oil will sort the pain problem. Your liver will be safe since the oil is a natural substance. Most anti-inflammatory substances are known to over-work the liver, causing damages when used on regular basis. CBD oil will not interfere with the functions of the liver.

Better sleep

Adequate sleep has all along been known to help in weight loss as well as muscle building. When you join a gym consider sleeping time as important as lifting the weights. If you are frustrated by the slow coming results despite your dedication to the health gym schedule, check on your sleeping habits. Studies have shown that those people, who have enough sleep as they workout, tend to have better results. Those without, struggle with weight gain despite eating a healthy diet. Sleep contributes a better percentage in muscle gain. It’s during sleep time that muscles rebuild as well as healing of any inflamed area. Despite the busy work schedule and other distractions in life, ensure you get enough of sleep. It can be enhanced by intake of CBD oil. The sedative effect in the oil ensures that even those users with insomnia get adequate and quality sleep.

Lack of enough rest from sleeping is an alert that there is a body malfunction. Enough rest causes the body to burn off energy therefore building strong muscles. Users of CBD oil have reported better sleeping habits. Unlike other sleep medication, the oil does not have addictive effects.

Anxiety is known to disrupt sleeping patterns. CBD oil is effective in dealing with issues of anxiety. It lowers the anxiety levels, ensuring the users get deep sleep and for long.

Muscle building

Any person aspiring to join a gym for fitness purposes should know that muscles do not grow/build naturally. It is for this reason that workouts are necessary however much they are a challenge to many. Our muscle mass is broken down by catabolic hormones. Those wishing to build back the muscles take supplements known as anti-catabolic. CBD oil acts as an anti-catabolic by decreasing the catabolic hormones. The CBD oil will prevent the user’s body to break down the mass in the muscle.

Generally, there are 2 supplements used in the health gym; anti-catabolic and anabolic dietary supplements. To enhance the synthesis of protein in your body, you use anabolic supplements. Increase of protein synthesis enhances faster muscle growth. Anabolic supplements are commonly known as steroids. Gaining muscles could be easy compared to maintaining the muscles, which is most important. A little laxity in fitness leads to your body losing muscles and strength. Increased use of anabolic supplements and decreased use of anti-catabolic supplements causes muscle loss.

Use of anabolic supplements alone causes muscle gain and loss at the same time. It is the reason why health gyms advise members to use anti-catabolic rather than anabolic. Adding lots of steroids in your system is an easy but shorter solution to muscle gain. For muscle gain and maintenance, anti-catabolic supplements are necessary. CBD oil is one of the most effective supplements with anti-catabolic function.

How to use CBD oil

The CBD oil comes in different forms such as liquids, chewing gum or capsules. Always consult with your doctor to get the correct dosage. A number of users are advised to use 50mg of CBD daily but split into two. The dosage however, depends on the general health of the user.

Side effects

Most synthetic medications come with some sort of side effects. Side effects reported by the users of CBD oil have been very minimal. Those reported have been tiredness, diarrhea and stomach upset after intake of the oil. Many have reported no side effect at all.


The ever increasing discoveries of various synthetic pharmaceutical products for health and fitness, some of them do not serve the users well. With the need to go natural for healthy living, CBD oil comes in play as a good product to improve your fitness. Anyone thinking of gym membership should consider using CBD oil that is if the gym trainers will forget to advice.

If you are searching for supplements to help you grow your muscles, weight loss and curb insomnia, CBD oil is the way to go.

CBD oil had more health benefits other than the few mentioned on fitness. Do due diligence before you decide whether the oil is the best for you.

It is of essence to seek your doctor’s advice before you start using CBD oil for your fitness. Your doctor is in a position to advice you, detailing the pros and cons of the oil on your body. Though there has been minimal side effects reported, the doctor can discuss possible adverse side effects.