Traveling or hiking with your medicines is a bit challenging. You don’t want your medicine bottles to leak or get damaged while you trek your way up a hill. Also, for people who are simply personal fitness freaks, find hiking an interesting way to maintain themselves. Thus, while packing for their hiking journey, they keep some essential medicines along (just in case). You cannot hike with a severe headache. Therefore, it is always better to have your medicines along while you hike. In older times, people carried their drugs in a poison ring. It appeared just like a vintage ring and you could place any medicine or drug under the gem of the ring. However, the concept of the poison ring is a bit old now. So how do you carry medication while hiking?

The smart way of hiking:
Personal fitness is important but so are your medicines. If you are on any kind of regular medication, then you need to take care of all of them while you head out to hike. For people who follow medications, you should keep your prescription along. Also, keep diarrhea medicines along with you. Excessive walking and dehydration can cause diarrhea but you won’t have anyone to treat it for you in the middle of nowhere. Thus, better have your solution along. Furthermore, keep over the counter medicines in your bag while you go out to hike. These will help you if your track is long.


Pill Boxes can be helpful:
To make sure that your medicines remain in one place, you must invest in a pill box. Keep all the medicines in the organizer and tag them. The time of keeping a poison ring along is long gone. Also, you cannot carry multiple medicines in it. It is best that you buy a good pill box and put all the necessary medications in it. If you are on regular treatment, then don’t forget to have them on time while you hike. Remember that health comes before personal fitness or they both come side by side.

Other Important Things to Pack:
While you hack, there are several other things than medicines that you must carry along:
● Hand sanitizer
● Earplugs (listen to music if you feel like you’re losing your energy)
● Water purification tablets are important
● Sunglasses
● Sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)
● First aid kit (things like bandages, cotton swabs, antiseptic wound cleaner, etc.) must be in there.

Hiking on longer tracks requires a lot of consideration. Before you start tracking your way up, you need to make sure that you have packed all the essentials. Hiking is an incredible choice for people who wish to maintain their personal fitness. However, packing your medicines along is also crucial. Purchase a good pill box or organizer for hiking. Make sure that the size of the pill box is small so that it fits in any corner of your bag. You don’t want it to take a lot of space because you will have a lot more to pack inside.